Arely Villagomez

Office Coordinator

Arely is a remarkable individual defined by a strong work ethic, with a blend of class and sass.

Arely is an avid reader, constantly seeking knowledge and personal development, both mentally and physically.

Laziness is anathema to her, who thrives on productivity often identifying as a dedicated gym enthusiast who thrives on lifting weights.  Arely finds happiness in physical activities such as working out , playing soccer , and walks in the park.

One of Arely’s favorite hobbies is hiking; she enjoys the peaceful  scenery and the blissful views.

Arely is a strong individual who often challenges her limits , Arely doesn’t believe in quitting .

But the most important thing for Arely is family and her boyfriend Darwin, she loves spending time with those who she holds dear to her heart. To Arely, family is the core foundation to life.

Arely is a mom of two; her cat Nena and her frenchie Milo. Arely finds unparalleled happiness in their presence.

Arely’s favorite quote is “The pain that you feel today will be the strength you will tomorrow”.