Residential Garage Door Roller Repair

Dependable Garage Door Rollers for Secure Operation

Your garage door rollers are a crucial part of your garage door system. These small but essential components allow your door to open and close smoothly along the tracks. However, over time, these rod-and-wheel systems can wear down and need to be replaced. 

A single roller that's off its track can cause significant damage to other parts of your garage door system, including the tracks, opener, and even the door itself. In some cases, your door may get stuck or fall off the tracks when attempting to open it.

Not only is a malfunctioning garage door frustrating, but it can also be unsafe. It's crucial to have a professional technician inspect and repair any misaligned or damaged rollers to ensure your garage door continues to function safely and efficiently.

How to Know if Your Garage Door Rollers Are Broken

When it comes to your garage door, if you observe anything out of the ordinary, it is often a clear indication of potential breakage or misalignment. Keep an eye out for these signs that may suggest your garage door rollers are broken:

  • Shaky or vibrating door: If your garage door shakes or vibrates excessively when opening or closing, it may be a sign of broken rollers.
  • Loud grinding or popping noises: Broken rollers can cause loud grinding or popping noises when you operate your garage door. Unusual sounds often indicate roller issues.
  • Uneven door level: If one side of the garage door appears lower than the other when fully closed or open, it could be due to broken rollers.
  • Frequent stuck or jammed door: If the bottom rollers of your garage door get stuck or jammed frequently during operation, it indicates potential issues with the rollers.
  • Worn, chipped, or cracked rollers: Upon inspection, if you notice that the rollers appear worn, chipped, or cracked, it's a clear sign that they need to be replaced.
  • Jerky movement: If the door feels jerky or moves unevenly as it goes up or down, broken rollers could be the culprit.
  • Loose rollers: Visibly loose rollers that can move around in the track indicate a need for roller replacement.

If you notice any of these signs that your garage door rollers are broken, we recommend contacting LGA Garage Door service immediately. We will assess the condition of your rollers, provide accurate diagnosis, and perform the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure smooth and safe garage door operation.

We also offer options to enhance the performance and longevity of your garage door system. Ask us about our extended life rollers and heavy-duty residential rollers, designed to withstand extensive use due to their exceptional durability.

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