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Rolling Steel Fire Door Drop Test

Will your fire doors protect your facility?

Protecting your facility from fire and smoke requires regular inspections, drop testing, and servicing of your rolling steel fire doors. These doors provide critical protection in the event of a fire, allowing customers and employees time to escape and protecting your property by compartmentalizing the fire. Make sure that your doors are ready to perform when needed and provide protection for your staff, customers, and property.

NFPA 80 compliance testing

LGA, an IDEA-certified installation and service specialist, offers expert inspection and drop testing of rolling steel fire doors to ensure that they remain compliant with current NFPA 80 standards as well as industry and regulatory standards. Our certified technicians will perform the following services during our annual inspection and drop testing:

  • <strong>Thorough inspection of the doors, assemblies, and brackets and fittings</strong> to ensure the steel fire doors are in good repair and will provide the required protection in the event of a fire. Doors can be damaged during regular operations and bent edges, damaged slats, missing fittings, or other equipment issues can reduce fire protection. The inspection will determine whether the fire door is operating correctly and closely securely.
  • Installation & alignment of all parts if repairs are needed to make sure the door continues to operate correctly.
  • Test opening and closing assemblies to verify that the doors will operate efficiently and effectively every day and in the event of a fire and make any necessary repairs.
  • Test control panels to identify any potential issues with the controls that will trigger an emergency close and make any necessary repairs.
  • Provide written inspection report and fire door certification sticker.

LGA has earned the reputation for performing thorough, complete fire door drop tests so you can be assured that your doors will deliver high performance not only during everyday use, but also in the event of a fire emergency. We have the capacity to inspect both large and small facilities.

Call today to schedule your annual inspection.

Elo Talk

A few years back, I used this company before and I called them again cause of the great service I received last time. The technician repaired my garage door in a timely manner, and I will call them again if anything goes wrong with my old garage door again.

Hans Smith

I had my garage door come off the track late one Saturday night several months ago and tried to fix myself ….but didn't work out. I called several companies but didn't get an answer or not available. Godo came out very early Sunday morning to repair it. He was very professional and honest. He was able to reform the bent track instead of replacing with a new one and repaired the rest very quickly. I appreciated the honesty and not trying to charge for unnecessary parts. Great job Godo! He and LGA are strongly recommended!

Annie Truong

We just had our opener replaced. They did a great job and the door works better than new. We highly recommend these guys for your garage door services.

Azam Kundi

Awesome on time and fantastic service. Used multiple times and will continue to use only them for my home !!
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