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Commercial Overhead Door Opener Repair

Unmatched Commercial Overhead Door Opener Repair Services

Commercial overhead door openers ensure efficient and reliable access to your commercial space. They streamline the process of opening and closing garage doors, eliminating the need for manual efforts. 

Moreover, safety features integrated into commercial overhead door openers include sensors that detect obstacles, automatically halting door movement when obstructions are detected in its path. This precaution is crucial for safeguarding you, your employees, and assets in the event of accidental contact with a closing door. 

When a commercial overhead door opener encounters malfunctions, it directly compromises these critical functionalities. Should you encounter operational issues with your overhead door opener, we highly recommend enlisting the help of a professional overhead door opener repair team to promptly restore the functionality of your overhead door opener.

Indicators Your Commercial Overhead Door Opener Requires Repair

Your commercial overhead door opener is a key player in automating access to your premises, adding convenience, security, and safety to your daily operations. Keeping it working reliably is crucial. Some key signs that your door opener might need repair include:

  • Unusual noises: Any unusual sounds during the operation of your overhead door opener, such as grinding, scraping, or squeaking, could signify a potential issue.
  • Sluggish or erratic operation: A significantly slower or inconsistent operation of your overhead door opener might indicate an underlying problem.
  • Inconsistent response to controls: If your overhead door opener doesn't consistently respond to remote control or keypad commands, it may be in need of repair.
  • Power issues: If your overhead door opener lacks power despite confirming electrical connections and power source, there might be internal circuitry or motor problems.
  • Safety sensor challenges: Most commercial overhead door openers today are equipped with safety sensors. Misalignment or obstruction of these sensors can lead to improper door closure or immediate reversal post-closure.

If you notice any of the above signs, don't hesitate to reach out to LGA Garage Door Service. Our skilled team has the knowledge and necessary tools to identify and fix any problems that might be affecting your commercial overhead door opener.

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