Classic steel short elegant solid white garage door

Classic Collection Garage Doors


Our classic collection of steel garage doors and steel overhead doors offer a prestigious touch to your home. Panel/sectional garage doors are a simple yet strong statement that makes it an easy choice for any home improvement project at an affordable price.

This standard garage door style is sustainable and long lasting which means your investment is protected! We offer the classic collection in both a heavy-duty 24 gauge and standard duty 25 gauge and several panel design selections for added customization with insulated R-values of 4.4-18.4.

All of our classic collection garage doors are designed with deep panel edging and natural wood grain texture to improve the appearance close up and from the curb. Under the surface, the steel doors are protected through a layered coating system to provide dependable rust protection.

  • The classic collection garage door is available in all sizes
  • Short raised panel garage doors
  • Long panel garage doors
  • Flush panel garage doors
  • Several windows options
  • Wind-cod and hurricane application are available
  • Insulated garage doors
  • We have 5 standard color, White, Almond, Chocolate Brown, Sandstone and Desert Tan
  • High cycle springs and hardware are available
  • The classic collection available in 24 and 25 gauge
Classic steel short elegant colonial window white garage door 02

See all available designs in our gallery.