The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Loading Dock Equipment for Your Commercial Facility

When it comes to commercial facilities, the efficiency and safety of your loading dock are paramount. 

Understanding the different types of loading dock levelers is crucial in making an informed decision. Generally, there are two main types: pit levelers (including hydraulic, mechanical, and airbag) and Edge of Dock (EOD) levelers, available in mechanical and hydraulic variants. 

Additionally, there's a less common type known as the vertical stored dock leveler. Join us as we compare EOD and pit levelers before delving into the specifics of each, helping you choose the right equipment for your facility's needs.


EOD levelers and pit levelers serve similar functions but are suited for different operational scales and requirements.

EOD Levelers

Designed for Low Traffic

EOD levelers are ideal for facilities with less frequent loading and unloading activities.

Weight Capacity

They generally have a lower weight capacity, making them suitable for lighter loads.


Due to their simpler design and lower capacity, EOD levelers are often more affordable.

Pit Levelers

High Traffic and Heavy Loads

Pit levelers are engineered for facilities with high traffic and heavier loads, offering robust performance.


They come with more sophisticated mechanisms, including hydraulic, mechanical, and airbag systems, to cater to diverse operational needs.

Delving into the Specifications

After understanding the basic differences, it's important to consider the specifications of each type to determine what suits your facility best.

EOD Levelers

Mechanical vs. Hydraulic

Mechanical EODs are manually operated and are more cost-effective but require more physical effort. Hydraulic EODs, on the other hand, offer easier operation with minimal manual labor, suitable for slightly heavier loads.

Durability and Maintenance

EOD levelers, particularly hydraulic ones, are designed for durability with minimal maintenance needs.

Pit Levelers

Hydraulic Pit Levelers

These are the epitome of heavy-duty performance. Hydraulic pit levelers are designed for the most demanding applications, offering exceptional strength and reliability. Hydraulic pit levelers are push-button activated.

Mechanical Pit Levelers

Ideal for medium-duty tasks, these levelers require manual operation but are known for their durability and longevity. They are a cost-effective solution for facilities with moderate loading needs. Mechanical pit levelers use a pull-chain activation to raise the deck.

Airbag Pit Levelers

A unique blend of technology and efficiency, airbag pit levelers provide a versatile solution. They are easier to operate than mechanical ones and are suitable for a variety of load sizes, making them a practical choice for many facilities.

Choosing the right loading dock leveler for your commercial facility involves assessing your operational frequency, load requirements, and budget.

EOD levelers are suitable for lower traffic and lighter loads, while pit levelers cater to busier environments with heavier demands. By understanding the nuances of each type, you can ensure a safe, efficient, and cost-effective loading dock operation.

LGA Garage Door Service offers premium dock levelers serve as an essential link between your facility and transportation vehicles, ensuring the safety of both your products and personnel during the loading and unloading process. We provide an extensive selection of dock levelers, complemented by professional installation services.

We collaborate with top-tier manufacturers like McGuire, Blue Giant, and Cooperloy, ensuring quality and reliability. Our team, experienced in working with builders, developers, and managers of warehouses and facilities, manages a range of projects from comprehensive installations to individual dock enhancements.

Our loading dock solutions encompass the entire lifecycle, beginning with selecting the appropriate dock leveler tailored to your specific needs. This process includes close collaboration with engineers, architects, and facility managers to assess factors such as traffic volume, load types, and usage frequency, to ensure the leveler meets your operational requirements. We oversee the entire installation to ensure peak performance. Beyond installation, our offerings include ongoing maintenance and repair services for dock levelers, maintaining their efficiency and longevity.

For expert advice and a wide range of loading dock leveler options, visit LGA Garage Door. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect loading dock equipment for your commercial needs.

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