Steel Door Maintenance 

Although steel garage doors are more cost-efficient and require less maintenance than wooden garage doors, they can dent easily. Cars, bicycles, or even a kid’s ball game can dent or break a garage door section. Once a section is torn, dented, or broken, the effects are dramatic to both the appearance and the function of the door and will get worse over time without proper repair. Ultimately this will lead to the replacement of the entire door, which can be an expensive process. The best solution is to identify and correct small tears or dent immediately.

With dents, the garage door may just need a minor adjustment such as reinforcing the dented section to prevent any further damage. However, a dent may get worse without immediate repair and the entire garage door section could need to be replaced over time. Here at LGA Garage Door Service we carry a wide variety of garage door parts from all of the major brands. We always ensure that we replace and fit the correct section with the exact colors to ensure a consistent finish.

We service The Woodlands, TX Spring, TX Tomball, TX Magnolia, TX Cypress, TX Conroe, TX Humble, TX and Houston greater area.

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