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6 Garage Door Repair Trends For 2020

Whether you’re in the market for a new garage door or are considering completing a garage door repair project as part of a renovation or a new build, there have recently been some trends and innovations in the industry that you will want to consider.

Designed with increased curb appeal, energy efficiency, and safety in mind, these garage door ideas may be the perfect addition to your home renovation project. Take a look at the trends below to elevate the appearance and efficiency of your home this year:

1. Better Energy Efficiency

New garage door replacements are more energy-efficient due to better insulation properties. Older garage door models tend to have weak insulation that can cause an inconsistent temperature inside the garage. Upgraded garage doors are designed to maintain consistent temperatures inside for increased energy efficiency. Many of these upgraded doors also have better edge seals for improved weather resistance.

2. Bigger Garage Door Replacements

Many homeowners are choosing larger garage doors. Large garage doors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also accommodate larger vehicles such as trucks and jeeps. Big garage doors are functional, bold, and can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home.

3. Smart Door Openers


Smart technology is everywhere these days, and many people now use smart electronics to control many things in the home, including heating systems, appliances, and home security systems. Recently, garage doors have incorporated smart technology to make opening and closing the door more convenient. Replacing your current door opener with a smart garage door opener will allow you to control the door from your phone, eliminating the need to search for the opener constantly. Smart garage door openers can also increase the security of your home. Many smart doors allow homeowners to check the status of their door through an app on their phone. Now, whether you are at home or on vacation, you can rest assured that your garage door is securely closed.

4. Innovative Designs

Plain, boring garage doors are a thing of the past. The garage door is a focal point of any home and has a big impact on the curb appeal of the property. Recently, many homeowners are requesting garage door installation designs that are fun, trendy, and visually appealing.

Many design strategies can make your home garage door stand out. Being innovative with your design does not have to take a lot of time or money. Adding innovative, bold materials, patterns, or hardware to an otherwise traditional door can completely change its look. Some people also choose to paint a unique design on the surface of their door once it is installed. Murals and other artsy creations are becoming increasingly popular and are a fun way to make your home stand out.

5. Eco Garage Door Services


If you are searching for an eco-friendly garage door, glass doors can make all of the difference. Adding more natural light can help save on electricity costs and improve the overall design and appeal of the garage. You can add glass to your door in several ways. Some people choose to have a full glass door while others opt for glass windows. You can purchase a trendy, modern glass door that is made of recycled materials for a relatively affordable price from many home goods stores. If you don’t want to add glass to your garage door, reclaimed wood and other faux wood materials are good options, too.

6. Play with Color

A big trend in garage doors for 2020 is adding big pops of color. While most garage doors are painted brown, white, or beige, choosing a bold color like red or yellow can completely change the look of your home. Deep colors are great if you want a simple look. Choose bolder, brighter colors if you want your home to truly stand out.

If you are looking to replace your traditional garage door with a modern alternative, or you want to upgrade or fix your current garage door, contact LGA Garage Door today. We offer quality services, including garage door installation, repair, and replacement. All of our technicians are professional and trained to handle a wide variety of repair and installation service issues. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a free quote.

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6 Garage Door Repair Trends For 2020 | LGA Garage Door

Elo Talk

A few years back, I used this company before and I called them again cause of the great service I received last time. The technician repaired my garage door in a timely manner, and I will call them again if anything goes wrong with my old garage door again.

Hans Smith

I had my garage door come off the track late one Saturday night several months ago and tried to fix myself ….but didn't work out. I called several companies but didn't get an answer or not available. Godo came out very early Sunday morning to repair it. He was very professional and honest. He was able to reform the bent track instead of replacing with a new one and repaired the rest very quickly. I appreciated the honesty and not trying to charge for unnecessary parts. Great job Godo! He and LGA are strongly recommended!

Annie Truong

We just had our opener replaced. They did a great job and the door works better than new. We highly recommend these guys for your garage door services.

Azam Kundi

Awesome on time and fantastic service. Used multiple times and will continue to use only them for my home !!
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