Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are fundamental to the function of garage doors, in fact, a garage door might not work at all without correctly functioning extension or torsion springs. With the average residential garage door weighing around 200 pounds, it is impossible to determine if or when the springs will snap. The torsion and extension springs are the parts of the garage door that lift most of the weight. When the system of a garage door and its springs are working correctly, the door appears to be weightless. However, when this system malfunctions, much like an engine on a car, the garage door may not work at all.  The average torsion spring is built and designed for a capability of 10,000 cycles. Knowing that the average two car garage door is used 4-6 times a day, you can rest assured your new torsion spring will last 4-5 years without any forced obstruction added. However, we do know that accidents happen. If you notice these signs, chances are you have a broken spring in you garage door:

  • You can’t open your garage door manually or with the garage door opener.
  • You hear a “bang” or “spring” noise from the garage.
  • The torsion cables are off the drums.
  • The garage door is all of a sudden extremely heavy when going to manually lift it.

LGA Garage Door Service provides premium high quality garage door springs to help your garage door move smoothly. The replacement of broken torsion or extensions springs can be an extremely dangerous process that requires a trained and experienced professional technician. LGA Garage Door Service provides 24/7 emergency professional broken springs replacement in Houston and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your garage doors needs are taken care of on the first trip.


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